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SATO Hiromi

サトウ ヒロミ | SATO Hiromi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Environmental impact assessment/Environmental policy ,  Hygiene ,  Public health/Health science
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • A Study on Quality of Drinking Water
  • A Study of the Selection of Drinking Water
  • A Hygienical Study of Label Indications for Mineral Water -Comparison of the Label Indications on water Quality and Hygenical Aspect between Native and Imported Mineral Water-
MISC (16):
  • Discrimination of Animal Species of Meat Presence of Mutton in Commercial Minced Meat. Food Hygienic Society of Japan. 1973. 14. 6. 595
  • Variation of Vessel mede of Synthetic Resin by using of Electric Range -Especially Exudation of Formaldehyde from Vessel-. The Bulletin of The Rissho Women's University, No.7. 1973. 7. 65
  • A Study on Quality of Drinking Water. Annual Report of the Bunkyo University, No.10. 1977. 10. 85
  • Study on residuel amounts of ABS on washed tableware. Annual Report of the Bunkyo University, No.11. 1978. 11. 91
  • Study on Residuel Amounts of LAS on Washed Tableware -The Second Report, Residuel amounts of LAS on washed tableware at the various eating houses-. Annual report of Bunkyo University, No.12. 1978. 12. 69
Education (1):
  • - 1969 Bunkyo University Faculty of Home Economics
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