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YAGI Jun-ichiro

ヤギ ジュンイチロウ | YAGI Jun-ichiro
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Environmental impact assessment/Environmental policy ,  Thermal engineering ,  Metal making engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Municipal use of waste heat from industries
  • Methanol synthesis from blast furnace off gas
  • Development of a scrap melting process in a coke moving bed
MISC (135):
Books (6):
  • Blast Furnace Phenomena and Modeling Chapter 3, 3.1 One-dimensional Static Model pp97-121 3.2 Two-dimensional Formulation by Finite Element Method pp214-238
    Elsevier Applied Science Pub. 1987
  • Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry vol A14, Iron Section 2.5 Blast Furnace Process pp516-555
    VCH Verlags gesbellschaft mbH. 1989
  • Heat Transfer in Iron Scrap Melting Process.
    Proc. 5th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, San Diego 1996
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of Iron Scrap Melting in a Coke Moving Bed.
    The Fifth Asian Conference on Fluidized-Bed and Three-Phase Reactors 1997
  • Numerical Analysis of Moving Bed Reactor for Iron Scrap Melting.
    Proc. of the Julian Szekily Memorial Symp. on Material Processing 1997
Works (9):
  • Recent Progress in Fundamental and Applied researches in blast furnace ironmaking in Japan
    1991 -
  • Mathematical modeling of the flow of four fluids in a parked bed(共著)
    1993 -
  • Measurements of heat transfer coefficients between gas and particles for a single sphere and for moving bed(共著)
    1993 -
  • Investigation of Ironmaking Technology from the Point of View of Global Environment
    1993 -
  • Environment-friendly Ironmaking by using scrap
    1996 -
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