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ウメタニ シゲオ | UMETANI Shigeo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp/index_J.htmlhttp://inter3.kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp/scope_J.html
Research field  (2): Inorganic chemistry ,  Analytical chemistry
Research keywords  (3): Analytical Chemistry ,  Separation Chemistry ,  Coordination Chemistry
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Molecular Design of Organic Ligand of High Selectivety
  • Study on the Solvent Extraction of Metal Ions
  • Separation and analysis of metal ions
Papers (104):
MISC (36):
  • Mukai, H.; Umetani, S.; Sohrin, Y. Investigation of Extraction Behaviors of Metal Ions in a Liquid-Liquid Extraction System Using Novel Multidentate Ligands. Institute for Chemical Research International Symposium 2014, Uji, Japan. 2014
  • S. Umetani. Molecular Design of Organic Ligands Highly Selective for Lanthanides. The 3rd Symposium on Separation Chemistry and Engineering, Miyazaki University. 2007
  • Y. Taguchi, K. Kurahashi, S. Umetani and Y. Sohrin. Molecularly Imprinted Sol-Gel Materials for the Separation of Metal Ions. International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PACIFICHEM 2005), Honolulu. 2005
  • K. Kurahashi, Y. Taguchi, S. Umetani and Y. Sohrin. Selective separation of Zn(II) and Cd(II) using nitrogen containing macrocyclic ligands as ion-size selective masking reagents. International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PACIFICHEM 2005), Honolulu. 2005
  • Umetani, S. Molecular Design of Solvent Extraction Reagents Highly Selective for Lanthanide Metal Ions. International Conference on Rare Earths in Nara, Japan (Rare Earths '04 in Nara), Nara, Japan. 2004
Lectures and oral presentations  (67):
  • スルホン化クラウンエーテルの金属イオンとの水相内錯形成反応
    (日本分析化学会第58回分析化学討論会 ,福岡 1997)
  • アルカリ土類金属イオンの分離
    (第13回日本イオン交換研究発表会 ,甲府 1997)
  • 大環状化合物によるマスキング効果を利用したアルカリ、アルカリ土類金属イオンの高選択的抽出分離法
    (日本分析化学会第46年会 ,東京 1997)
  • 高選択的な金属イオンの認識・分離系の設計
    (日本分析化学会近畿支部ロータリーセミナー 1997)
  • 結晶質チタン酸によるアルカリ金属イオンのカラム法分離
    (日本分析化学会第47年会 ,岐阜 1998)
Works (1):
  • Molecular design of organic ligand of high selectivity
Education (2):
  • - 1978 Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering
  • - 1983 Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Science (Kyoto University)
Work history (1):
  • 1983 - 1995 Kyoto University, Instructor
Association Membership(s) (5):
The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry ,  The Chemical Society of Japan ,  Japan Assiciation of Solvent Extraction ,  Japan Association of Ion Exchange ,  American Chemical Society
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