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ヨシオカ キヨカ | YOSHIOKA Kiyoka
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Sports science
MISC (10):
  • Study on Physical Training Infancy-Comparison Between Kindergarten Children and Nursery School Children-. 1991. 9
  • Study on Physical Training Infancy Stage-From the View Point of Their Playing Benavior-. 1992. 18
  • On Health Promotion Activities of the Citizens of Fukuyama and the Improvement of Social Environment. -Mainly from a Standpoint of Health-promotion Activities-. 1994. 1
  • Children's Daily Habits and the Effects on Playtime. 1988. 5
  • The Effects of Parents Like or Dislike of Physical Exercise on the Play of the Tnfant Children. 1988. 14
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