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ナニワ センミョウ | NANIWA Senmyo
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Indian philosophy/Buddhist studies
Research keywords  (1): P(]E87BC[)li Buddhism
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • Study on the Philosophy of the P(]E87BC[)li Abhidhamma
  • Study on the Vibhanga-Atthakathā
  • Study on the Kamma Theory in the Pāli Abhidhamma
  • Study on the Dhammasangani-atthakatha
MISC (14):
  • A Study on Nettipakarana : Analysis of Hāra(1). Buddhist Studies. 1997. 26
  • The Kamma Theory in the Pāli Abhidhamma. Buddhist Studies. 1994. 23
  • The Kamma Theory in the Pāli Abhidhamma(2) -Samsāra-. Buddhist Studies. 1996. 25
  • The Twenty-four Paccayas in Pāli Buddhism. Buddhist Studies. 1995. 24
  • An Ethical Approach to the Karma-Theory of the Sarvāstivāda. Religion and Culture. 1991. 3
Education (1):
  • - 1968 University of Poona Sanskrit
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (University of Poona)
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