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Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Papers (22):
  • Otsuki, Sora; Kawamoto, Pauline N.; Yamazaki, Hiroshi. A Simple Example for Linear Partial Differential Equations and Its Solution Using the Method of Separation of Variables. FORMALIZED MATHEMATICS. 2019. 27. 1. 25-34
  • Hiroshi Yamazaki, Hiroyuki Okazaki, Kazuhisa Nakasho,Yasunari Shidama. Isomorphisms of Direct Products of Cyclic Groups of Prime Power Order. FORMALIZED MATHEMATICS. 2013. 21. 3. 207-221
  • Hiroshi Yamazaki, Czeslaw Byli'nski, Katsumi Wasaki. Morphology for Image Processing, Part I. Formalized Mathematics. 2012. 20. 1. 61-63
  • Yamazaki, Hiroshi; Shidama, Yasunari; Pacharapokin, Chanapat; Nakamura Yatsuka. The Cauchy-Riemann Differential Equations of Complex Functions. FORMALIZED MATHEMATICS. 2009. 17. 2. 147-149
  • Pacharapokin, Chanapat; Yamazaki, Hiroshi; Shidama, Yasunari; Nakamura, Yatsuka. Complex Function Differentiability. FORMALIZED MATHEMATICS. 2009. 17. 2. 67-72
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