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TAMURA Tomoyuki

タムラ トモユキ | TAMURA Tomoyuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Papers (12):
  • T. Tamura, R. Kobayashi, S. Ogata, A. M. Ito. "First-principles investigation of possible clustering of noble gas atoms implanted in bcc tungsten. Modelling Simulation Material Science Engineering. 2013. 22. 015002-1-015002-12
  • S. Tanaka, M. Kitta, T. Tamura, Y. Maeda, T. Akita, M. Kohyama. "Atomic and electronic structures of Li4Ti5O12/Li7Ti5O12 (001) interfaces by first-principles calculations. J. Material Science. 2014. 49. 4032-4037
  • T. Kouno, S. Ogata, T. Shimada, T. Tamura, R. Kobayashi. Enhanced Si-O Bond Breaking in Silica Glass by Water Dimer: A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Simulation Study. J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 2016. 65. 054601-1-054601-9
  • R. Kobayashi, T. Tamura, I. Takeuchi, S. Ogata. Development of Neural-Network Interatomic Potentials for Structural Materials. Solid State Phenomena. 2016. 258. 69-72
  • H. Maeda, T. Tamura, T. Kasuga. Improving the biocompatibility of tobermorite by incorporating calcium phosphate clusters. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering. 2017. 28. 31-36
Lectures and oral presentations  (60):
  • First-principles study of transition-metal K-edge XANES for Li-rich solid-solution layered cathode material
    (ACCMS-VO9 (The 9th General Meeting of Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science - Virtual Organization) 2014)
  • 二次電池用の炭素材へのPF6イオンの侵入密度に関する第一原理シミュレーション
    (2015年秋季年次大会 2015)
  • First-principles in-situ XAS simulation of chemical reaction at cathode - electrolyte interface in Li-ion batteries
    (ISEPD2015 (The 16th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design) 2015)
  • First-principles in-situ XAS simulation of chemical reaction at cathode-electrolyte interface in Li-ion batteries
    (第25回日本MRS年次大会 2015)
  • First-principles study of interfaces in all solid Li-ion battery
    (第25回日本MRS年次大会 2015)
Education (1):
  • - 2004 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Engineering
Work history (3):
  • 2010/04/01 - 2014/12/31 Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • 2015/01/01 - 2019/03/31 Nagoya Institute of Technology Assistant Professor
  • 2019/04/01 - 現在 Nagoya Institute of Technology Associate Professor
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