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KAWANE Fukashi

カワネ フカシ | KAWANE Fukashi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Research field  (3): Science education ,  Educational technology ,  Particle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics
Research keywords  (14): Particle Physics ,  教育工学 ,  視覚障学 ,  理数系教育 ,  proton ,  gluon ,  sturcture function ,  素粒子 原子核 ,  ネットワーク ,  数学教育 ,  バリアフリー ,  Science Education ,  自然科学教育 ,  アクセシビリティ
Papers (17):
  • 川根 深、金堀 利博、山口 雄仁、駒田 智彦. Incorporating barrier-free into mathematical expressions included in an educational material on the Web. IEICE Technical Report. 2005. WIT2005. 44
  • Michiko IMOTO, Fukashi KAWANE. Gluon Distribution and Structure Function of Real Photons. Progress of Theoretical Physics. 2001. 106. 5. 953-961
  • 駒田 智彦、 山口 雄仁、 川根 深、 鈴木 昌和. New Environment for Visually Disabled Persons to Access Scientific Information by Combining Speech Interface and Tactile Display. IEICE Technical Report. 2005. WIT2005. 45
  • 山口雄仁、駒田智彦、鈴木昌和. On the Development of a Speech Interface for Japanese Math Editor to Visually Disabled Persons. TECHNICAL REPORT OF IEICE. 2003. WIT2003. 20. 29-34
  • Fukashi KAWANE, Shigefumi NAKA. Quantum Correction to Kaluza-Klein Universe with a Supersymmetric Extra Space. Progress of Theoretical Physics. 1990. 83. 2
Lectures and oral presentations  (16):
  • 超対称な内部空間を持つKaluza-Klein時空の宇宙論
    (日本物理学会 1986)
  • 超対称な内部空間を持つKaluza-Klein時空の宇宙論II
    (日本物理学会 1987)
  • 量子効果を取り入れて内部超対称なKaluza-Klein宇宙
    (日本物理学会 1988)
  • String-like Solutions in a Lovelock Type Gravity
    (日本物理学会 1993)
  • The New Procedure for Surporting the Higher Education of Science and Technology for Persons with Visual impairment
    (The International Conferece on Higher Educations for Students with Disabilities Waseda Univ. 1993)
Education (2):
  • - 1984 Nihon University Faculty of Science and Engineering 物理学
  • - 1989 Nihon University Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering 物理学
Association Membership(s) (2):
日本物理学会 ,  日本特殊教育学会
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