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KOUZUMA Yoshiaki

コウヅマ ヨシアキ | KOUZUMA Yoshiaki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (1):
  • Ibaraki University  Institute for University Education and Student Support, Department of Arts and Sciences 
Homepage URL  (2): http://foodfunc.agr.ibaraki.ac.jp/http://foodfunc.agr.ibaraki.ac.jp/
Research field  (2): Applied biochemistry ,  Environmental agriculture(including landscape science)
Research keywords  (1): Protein, protease, protease inhibitor, lectin, structure-function relationship,
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 2016 - 2019 小孔形成レクチンを基盤とした細胞傷害能を有する新規機能性分子の構築
  • 2011 - 2014 分子モデルを基盤とした溶血性レクチンの機能改変と抗マラリア機能向上に関する研究
  • 2006 - 2009 溶血性レクチンの機能的発現と高機能化に関する研究
  • 2005 - 2008 摂取しやすい新規な機能性キノコ飲料の開発
  • 2002 - 2004 海産無脊椎動物由来溶血性レクチンの生物活性に関する研究
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Papers (40):
  • Liu J., Yonekura M., Kouzuma Y. Purification, cDNA cloning and characterization of Kunitz-type protease inhibitors from Apios americana tubers. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry. 2019
  • Takei M., Kogure S., Yokoyama C., Kouzuma Y., Suzuki Y. Identification of an aldehyde oxidase involved in indole-3-acetic acid synthesis in Bombyx mori silk gland. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry. 2019. 83. 1. 129-136
  • C.Yokoyama, M. Takei, Y. Kouzuma, S. Nagata, and Y.Suzuki. Novel tryptophan metabolic pathways in auxin biosynthesis in silkworm. J. Insect Physiol. 2017. 101. 91-96
  • C. F. Moro, Y. Fukao, J. Shibato, R. Rakwal, G. K. Agrawal, Y. Shioda, Y. Kouzuma, and M. Yonekura. Seed Endosperm and Embryo Proteomics of the Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.) by One-Dimensional Gel-Based Tandem Mass Spectrometry and a Comparison with the Mature Endosperm Proteome. Proteomes. 2015. 3. 3. 184-235
  • C. F. Moro, Y. Fukao, J. Shibato, R. Rakwal, A. M. Timperio, L. Zolla, G. K. Agrawal, Y. Shioda, Y. Kouzuma, and M. Yonekura. Unraveling the seed endosperm proteome of the lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaernt.) utilizing 1DE and 2DE separation in conjunction with tandem mass spectrometry. Proteomics. 2015
MISC (6):
  • Y. Kouzuma, Y. Tsutsumi, M. Abe, T. Hayashi, K. Hada, K. Uehashi, Y. Shimada, K. Tashiro, S. Kuhara, and M. Kimura. Comprehemsive analysis of wound-inducible genes from the Nicotiana glutinosa leaves using a full-length cDNA microarray. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University. 2005. 50. 635-648
  • 上妻由章, 木村誠. 超好熱古細菌Pyrococcus horikoshii由来リボヌクレアーゼPの再構成. Radioisotopes. 2003. 52. 713-715
  • 上妻由章、木村誠. 多機能プロテアーゼインヒビターの創製と応用. バイオサイエンスとインダストリー. 2001. 59. 9. 27-30
  • 上妻由章. 植物プロテアーゼの活性制御に関する研究. 日本農芸化学会誌. 2001. 75. 6. 705-707
  • Kimura, M., Kouzuma, Y., Kuramitu, J., Iwanaga, S., and Yamasaki, N. Characterization of serine proteinase inhibitors from the Erythrina variegata seeds. The Second Symposium on Frontier of Protein Chemistry and Biotechnology (Yangzhou Univ. (Yangzhou, China)). 1995
Books (2):
  • 生物機能の新展開-人類の生存をかけて-「生理活性タンパク質の分子認識機構の解析」
    日本食品出版(株) 2000 ISBN:4-930883-12-1
  • 大豆のすべて
    サイエンスフォーラム 2010 ISBN:978-4-916164-98-8
Lectures and oral presentations  (65):
  • Characterization of two cysteine proteinase inhibitors (Sca and Scb) from sunflower seeds
    (The Second Symposium on Frontier of Protein Chemistry and Biotechnology (Yangzhou Univ. (Yangzhou, China)) 1995)
  • Characterization of serine proteinase inhibitors from the <i>Erythrina variegata </i>seeds
    (The Second Symposium on Frontier of Protein Chemistry and Biotechnology (Yangzhou Univ. (Yangzhou, China)) 1995)
  • Functional domains of hemolytic lectin CEL-III
    (Pore-Forming Toxins Meeting (CentroPolifunzionaleOratorio del Duomo (Trento, Italy)) 2000)
  • Analysis of the interaction of ribosomal proteins with RNA by the surface plasmon resonance method
    (The Dynamics of Ribosome Structure and Function (Rydges Hotel (Queenstown, New Zealand)) 2002)
  • Crystal structure of type 2 ribonuclease H from <i>Pyrococcus horikoshii</i>
    (6th International Meeting On Ribonuclease-2002 (University of Bath (Bath, United Kingdom)) 2002)
Education (1):
  • - 1991 Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Chemistry
Work history (5):
  • 1996/04/01 - 2000/03/31 Reseach Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University,
  • 2000/04/01 - 2003/03/31 Reseach Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School, Kyushu University
  • 2003/04/01 - 2006/03/31 Associate Professor, College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University
  • 2006/04/01 - 2016/03/31 茨城大学農学部准教授
  • 2016/04/01 - 茨城大学農学部教授
Association Membership(s) (4):
日本農芸化学会 ,  日本蛋白質科学会 ,  日本生化学会 ,  日本食品科学工学会
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