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ヤマザキ ケンスケ | Kensuke YAMAZAKI
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Science education
MISC (38):
  • A Practice of Intellectual Property Education According to Students' Developmental Stage (1). IPSJ Symposium Series. 2011. 2011. 4. 111-118
  • Teaching Material of Science Education by means of "Kotodama on Squeak" and Teaching Practice at classes in a Junior High School. Proceedings of the 2010PC Conference. 2010. 437-440
  • Practice of radio program production in Computer Education. IPSJ SIG Technical Report. 2010. 2010-CE-103. 7. 1-8
  • The recognition of "intelectual properties rights" in the development of teaching materials acquired through producing a school CM. IPSJ SIG Technical Report. 2010. 2010-CE-103. 8
  • Y.Hanashima, K.Yamazaki. The Iterative Method in Multi-criteria Decision Analysis: A Case Study of Fuzzy GIS. Proc. The 10th international conference of Geocomputation(Geocomputation 2009). 2009. 109-113
Books (4):
  • An Introduction to Earthquake Observation
    New Science Co. (Tokyo) 1986
  • Basics of Information Processing
    Gakujutu Tosho Shuppan (Tokyo) 2000 ISBN:4-87361-867-3
  • Basic Information Processing, 2nd Ed.
    Gakujutu Tosho Shuppan (Tokyo) 2001 ISBN:4-87361-887-8
  • Basic Information Processing -Computer and Information Literacy-
    Tokyo Gakugei University Press (Tokyo) 2003 ISBN:4-901665-02-2
Lectures and oral presentations  (39):
  • 科学教育から情報教育へ-地震教材を例にして Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of JSSE , pp 217-218
  • 独立成分分析の気象学への適用(2)-北極振動の検討-
  • 独立成分分析の気象学への適用(1)-北半球気圧場の空間分布の特徴-
  • 東京学芸大学附属高等学校における電子教材を活用した高等学校新教科「情報」教育の試み
  • 教員養成系大学の学生・大学院生による情報教育支援
Works (1):
  • Educational Support for Information Study at Tokyo Gakugei University High School
    1999 -
Work history (1):
  • Tokyo Gakugei University Faculty of Education, Technology and Information Sciences
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