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Aiura Hideharu

アイウラ ヒデハル | Aiura Hideharu
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Chief Researcher
Research field  (1): Forest science
Research keywords  (2): Disaster prevention ,  Afforestation
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 1999 - 2006 Investigation of productivity of Japanese ceder
Papers (19):
  • AIURA Hideharu, NAKAJIMA Haruki, ISGIDA Megumi. Estimate Average Annual Maximum Snow Depth with Temperature and the Amount of Precipitation of the Mesh Climatic Data in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Journal of the Japanese Forest society. 2018. 100. 5. 174-177
  • AIURA Hideharu, NAKAJIMA Haruki, KATO Akio. Regeneration of broad-leaved trees and avaluation as plantations for wood production in weather-damaged Sugi(Cryptomeria japonica)stands. BULLETIN OF THE TOYAMA FORESTRY RESERCH INSTITUTE. 2017. 9. 1-10
  • TAKAHASHI Yuka, HASEGAWA MIkio, ZUSHI KotaroAIURA Hideharu. Dynamics of the Seedlimgsin the Early Phase of Natural Regeneration after Clear Cutting in Cryptomeria japonica Plantations in Toyama Prefecture. Journal of Japanese Forest Socity. 2013. 95. 3. 182-188
  • AIURA Hideharu. Effects of residual trees on photoenvironment understory vegetation in heavy thinned Japanese cedar(Cryptomeria japonica D.Don)stand. BULLETIN OF THE TOYAMA FORESTRY RESERCH INSTITUTE. 2010. 2. 1-9
  • AIURA Hideharu. Relation between frost damage and stand structure of a young beech plantation in heavy snowfall region. Bulletin of the Toyama Forestry Reserch Institute. 2009. 1. 10-15
MISC (6):
  • AIURA Hideharu. Erosive Phenomenon in Heavy Snow Mountainous Regions in Japan. Jounal of Forest Reserch. 2002. 7. 2. 57-66
  • AIURA Hideharu. Observation of snowmelt on heavy-snow mountain. Chubu Forestry Reserch. 1997. 45. 223-224
  • AIURA Hideharu, KATO akio, HASEGAWA mikio. Relaitionships between the distribution of landslides and topographic and geological on heavy-snow mountain slopes in the southwestern part of Toyama prefecture. 1996. 107. 335-338
  • KATO Akio, NAKATANI Hiroshi, AIURA Hideharu, TAIRA Hideaki. Tree damage by Snowload on the crown in a thinning experimental stands of Boka-sugi(Cryotomeria japonica D.Don). 1989. 100. 265-266
  • AIURA Hideharu, HASEGAWA mikio, KATO akio. Vegetative recovery onslopes with snow erosion. 1989. 100. 679-680
Association Membership(s) (1):
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