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Matoba Satoko

マトバ サトコ | Matoba Satoko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Principal Researcher
Research field  (3): Veterinary medicine ,  Veterinary medicine ,  Veterinary medicine
Papers (28):
  • Yoshioka K, Uchikura K, Suda T, Matoba S. Production of piglets from in vitro-produced blastocysts by ultrasound-guided ovum pick-up from live donors. Theriogenology. 2020. 141. 113-119
  • MATOBA Satoko. ウシ体外受精胚の核・染色体異常を生きたまま見分ける新技術. Japanese Journal of Embryo Transfer. 2019. 41. 2. 92-96
  • 杉村智史, 的場理子, 山縣一夫, 八尾竜馬, 八尾竜馬. 染色体異常のない牛体外受精胚の選別技術. 畜産技術. 2018. 762. 14-17
  • 平尾雄二, 武田久美子, 的場理子. Development of in vitro oocyte production systems to optimize oocyte resources residing in ovaries from beef calves before fattening. 食肉に関する助成研究調査成果報告書. 2018. 36. 198-203
  • Ieda S, Akai T, Sakaguchi Y, Shimamura S, Sugawara A, Kaneda M, Matoba S, Kagota M, Sugimura S, Kaijima H. A microwell culture system that allows group culture and is compatible with human single media. Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics. 2018. 35. 10. 1869-1880
MISC (87):
Lectures and oral presentations  (87):
  • Analysis of chromosomal abnormality of bovine IVF embryos based on next-generation sequencing
    (Annual Conference of the International Embryo Technology Society 2020)
  • Detection of ovulation disorders and normal ovulation using wireless sensors of ventral tail surface temperature and neck acceleration data in Japanese Black cows
    (Annual Conference of the International Embryo Technology Society 2020)
  • 初期胚から胎子への発育-何が正常で何が異常か-
    (日本獣医師会獣医学術学会年次大会講演要旨集 2018)
  • Embryo production from fully grown and growing oocytes in Japanese Black calves
    (International Embryo Technology Society 2018)
  • 家畜の増殖におけるウシの卵子と胚の活用
    (日本畜産学会大会講演要旨 2016)
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (Animal Science) (National University of Ireland)
Committee career (2):
  • 2014/12 - 現在 Society of Animal Reproductive Biotechnology Board
  • 2015 - 2017 International Embryo Technology Society Trustee of Foundation Board
Association Membership(s) (8):
Japan Embryo Technology Society ,  International Embryo Technology Society (IETS) ,  East Japanese Embryo Transfer Society (EJETS) ,  JAPAN EMBRYO TRANSFER SOCIETY ,  Hokkaido Bovine Embryo Transfer Society (HBETS) ,  Society of Animal Reoroductive Biotechnology ,  THE SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT ,  JAPANESE SOCIETY OF ANIMAL SCIENCE
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