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Matsuda Sae

マツダ サエ | Matsuda Sae
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (16):
  • Sae Matsuda, Makoto Imura, Noriko Nakanishi. Encouraging L2 Science Majors to Talk Using L1 Readers. Proceedings of the Fourth World Conference on Extensive Reading. 2018. 145-154
  • Sae Matsuda, Sanborn Brown. Raising a Biliterate Child in Japan: A Case Study of a Bicultural Family. Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Extensive Reading. 2016
  • 松田 早恵. Hidden Aspects of Extensive Reading-A Diary Study. Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings 2. 2013. 156-168
  • 松田 早恵. Raising Students' Awareness through Life Stories. Setsunan Journal of English Education. 2013. 7. 17-30
  • 松田 早恵. From Dependence to Autonomy: Extensive Reading Marathons. Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedinigs. 2012. 1. 26-29
MISC (1):
  • 松田 早恵. Raising a Miracle Child Part I. Bilingual Japan. 2001. 10. 5. 8-10
Books (2):
  • English on Screen: Learning Real English through Erin Brockovich
    Kinseido 2015
  • 22 Essays in English Studies-Language, Literature, and Education
    松柏社 2007 ISBN:9784775401316
Lectures and oral presentations  (23):
  • Sharing Reading Experiences with University Students Using Goodreads
    (The Fifth Extensive Reading World Contress 2019)
  • Authenticating In-class Activities Using Multi-media
    (第16回映像メディア英語教育学会西日本支部大会 2019)
  • RepetitiveIinput and Output Practice Using Children’s Books: Will Reading Practice Transform Speaking Ability?
    (Cambodia TESOL 2019)
  • The Effect of Oral Reading Practice Using L1 Leveled Readers on the Speaking Ability of Science Majors
    (大学英語教育学会関西支部大会 2018)
  • Repetitive Input and Output Using L1 Leveled Readers-Boring or Effective for Science Majors?
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