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Uenoyama Yoshihisa

Uenoyama Yoshihisa
Research field  (1): Zoological sciences
Papers (287):
  • Yuichi Shima, Kanako Miyabayashi, Takami Mori, Koji Ono, Mizuki Kajimoto, Hae Lim Cho, Hitomi Tsuchida, Yoshihisa Uenoyama, Hiroko Tsukamura, Kentaro Suzuki, et al. Intronic Enhancer Is Essential for Nr5a1 Expression in the Pituitary Gonadotrope and for Postnatal Development of Male Reproductive Organs in a Mouse Model. International journal of molecular sciences. 2022. 24. 1
  • Hitomi Tsuchida, Miku Nonogaki, Naoko Inoue, Yoshihisa Uenoyama, Hiroko Tsukamura. Dynorphin-κ-opioid receptor signaling, but not μ-opioid receptor signaling, partly mediates the suppression of luteinizing hormone release during late lactation in rats. Neuroscience letters. 2022. 791. 136920-136920
  • Naoko Inoue, Akinori Hotta, Teppei Goto, Masumi Hirabayashi, Yoshihisa Uenoyama, Hiroko Tsukamura. Establishment of embryo transfer in the musk shrew (Suncus murinus). The Journal of reproduction and development. 2022. 68. 5. 340-344
  • Somony Mam, Bengthay Tep, Soriya Rin, Yoshihisa Uenoyama, Shuichi Matsuyama, Satoshi Ohkura, Tetsuma Murase, Mitsuo Nunome, Yasuhiro Morita. A Survey of Genome-Wide Genetic Characterizations of Crossbred Dairy Cattle in Local Farms in Cambodia. Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. 2022. 12. 16
  • 美辺 詩織, 岩田 衣世, 渡辺 雄貴, 石井 寛高, 井上 直子, 上野山 賀久, 束村 博子, 小澤 一史. DOHaD theory、胎児プログラミングを基軸とする環境内分泌学研究 発達期環境ストレスによる生殖機能不全をもたらす神経内分泌メカニズム. 日本内分泌学会雑誌. 2022. 98. 3. 691-691
MISC (34):
Professional career (1):
  • 博士 (農学) (岡山大学)
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