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Kikuchi Yutaka

キクチ ユタカ | Kikuchi Yutaka
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Leader, Farm Labor and Health Unit
Research field  (2): Agricultural environmental and information engineering ,  Agricultural environmental and information engineering
Research keywords  (3): health ,  universal design ,  farmwork safety
Papers (3):
  • tanaka masahiro, umeno satoru, kikuchi yutaka. Development of a Performance-Testing Method for a Power Assist Suit Designed for Agricultural Work. 2020. 82. 2
  • Takayuki Sakamoto, Motoyasu Ochi, Yutaka Kikuchi, Kyo Kobayashi, Toru Tanaka, Yukio Ozaki. Reducing Burden during Summer Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) Spear Harvest by Using Long-shafted Shears and a Large-wheeled Cart under Modified Branch Training. HORTICULTURE JOURNAL. 2017. 86. 1. 37-44
  • Effect of Branch Training of Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) on Yield and Harvesting Efficiency using Long-Shaft Scissors for Maintaining Mother Stem Cultivation. 2015. 14. 1. 43-50
MISC (10):
  • 田中正浩, 梅野覚, 菊池豊. 農作業用身体装着型アシスト装置に関する評価試験方法の開発. 2020. 34-45
  • tanaka masahiro, kikuchi yutaka, umeno satoru. Applicability Of Japanese Standard About The Powered Exoskeleton To Agriculture. 2019
  • tanaka masahiro, kikuchi yutaka, umeno satoru. Development of test method for measuring assistive torque of the powered exoskeleton for farming. 2019
  • SAKAI Kota, SEO Akihiko, HARADA Yasuhiro, TANAKA MASAHIRO, KIKUCHI Yutaka. 2D1-4 Advancement and detailed analytical technique for Understanding Electromyographic Signal at Heavy Load Lifting in Farm Work. The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics. 2019. 55. 0. 2D1-4-2D1-4
  • Yutaka Kikuchi, Takayuki Sakamoto, Motoyasu Ochi, Toru Takanaka, Kyo Kobayashi. Effect of length of the long-shaft shears on working posture in green asparagus. 2018. 1. 34-41
Books (3):
  • Agricultural machinery and safety
    Jikkyou shuppan 2013
  • Ergonomic checkpoints in agriculture
    ILO 2012
  • Ergonomic checklist for improving farmwork
    NARO 2000
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(農学) (岩手大学)
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