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Furumoto Katsuhiro

フルモト カツヒロ | Furumoto Katsuhiro
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Civil engineering (environmental systems) ,  Hydroengineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • Purification of lakes
  • Nutrient release from bottom sediment in reservoir
  • Income and expenditure of water and improvement of water quality in reservoir.
  • Salinity Intrusion in Tidal Estuaries.
MISC (13):
  • The change of the water quality and nutrientrelease from bottom sediment in kawahar Lake. Annual Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, JSCE. 1999. 43. 1001-1006
  • Estimation of salinity intrusion in tidal rivers of well-mixed type. Proceedings of the 4th Joint Symposium of Cheju National Univ. and Nagasaki Univ. on Science and High Technology. 1996. 233-238
  • Response of Internal Seiche to Wind in a Two-layered Stratified Lake. Journal of Hydroscience and Hydraulic Ehgineering. 1992. 10. 2. 61-79
  • Response of Internal Seiche to Wind in a Stratified Lake. Proceedings of Japanese Society of Civil Engineers. 1991. 429. II-15
  • Dispersion in Oscillatory Flow Superimposed on Steady Flow in Open Channel. Coastal Engineerig in Japan. 1990. 33. 2
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Engineering, Mast (Kyushu University)
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