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Miura Tsutomu

ミウラ ツトム | Miura Tsutomu
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.aist.go.jp/RESEARCHERDB/cgi-bin/worker_detail.cgi?call=namae&rw_id=T12764357
Research field  (1): Analytical chemistry
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2015 - 2018 The development of precise analytical method for 210Pb/210Po in food sample and the establishment for comparability
  • 2013 - 2017 Development of innovative technique for determining elemental and isotopic contents by using high intense pulsed neutrons and continuous neutrons
Papers (44):
  • Tsutomu Miura, Yuto Iinuma, Shun Sekimoto. Precise determination of iridium by neutron activation analysis coupled with internal standard method. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 2020. 324. 3. 1007-1012
  • Ayaka Wada, Naoko Nonose, Masaki Ohata, Tsutomu Miura. Determination of ultra-trace sulfur in high-purity metals by isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma sector field mass spectrometry combined with chemical separation procedure. Talanta. 2018. 189. 289
  • Tsutomu Miura, Yoshitaka Minai, Chushiro Yonezawa, Kazutoshi Kakita, Isao Kojima, Yukiko Okada, Yoshinobu Uematsu, Akira Okada, Shoji Hirai. Preparation and certification of certified reference materials of fish meat and ashed bone for determination of 90Sr and radiocesium after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 2018. 318. 1. 347
  • Jochen Vogl, Heinrich Kipphardt, Silke Richter, Wolfram Bremser, Mar{\'{\i } }a, del Roc{\'{\i } }o, Arvizu Torres, Judith Velina, Lara Manzano, Mirella Buzoianu, Sarah Hill, Panayot Petrov, Heidi Goenaga-Infante, Mike Sargent, Paola Fisicaro, Guillaume Labarraque, Tao Zhou, Gregory C Turk, Michael Winchester, Tsutomu Miura, Brad Methven, Ralph Sturgeon, Reinhard Jährling, Olaf Rienitz, Michal Mariassy, Zuzana Hankova, Egor Sobina, Anatoly Ivanovich Krylov, Yuri Anatolievich Kustikov, Vadim Vladimirovich Smirnov. Establishing comparability and compatibility in the purity assessment of high purity zinc as demonstrated by the CCQM-P149 intercomparison. Metrologia. 2018. 55. 2. 211
  • Furukawa R, Unno Y, Miura T, Yunoki A, Hachinohe M, Hamamatsu S. Homogeneity of wheat flour in 5 ml containers for certified reference materials. Applied Radiation and Isotopes. 2018. 134. 32-34
MISC (31):
  • 柚木彰, 三浦勉, 海野泰裕, 濱松潮香, 八戸真弓. 玄米標準試料を用いた放射能測定国際比較と国内技能試験結果の比較. アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会要旨集. 2018. 55th. 93
  • 会田勇一, 野村篤史, 古川理央, 海野泰裕, 三浦勉, 柚木彰, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香. 福島県放射能分析精度管理事業の取り組み. アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会要旨集. 2018. 55th. 94
  • Measurement of Po-210 in seafood powder sample. Proceedings of the 18th Workshop on Environmental Radioactivity. 2017. 246-248
  • 濱松潮香, 八戸真弓, 海野泰裕, 古川里央, 三浦勉, 柚木彰. 玄米試料を用いた放射能測定技能試験による国内検査機関の技能レベルの確認. 農村工学研究部門成果情報. 2017. 2016. 55-56
  • 和田彩佳, 野々瀬菜穂子, 三浦勉. 化学分離/プラズマ分光分析法による高純度希土類試薬中のScの定量. 日本分析化学会年会講演要旨集. 2017. 66th. 139
Lectures and oral presentations  (37):
  • Evaluation of radiochemical analysis method for Po-210 and Pb-210 in sea food sample using interlaboratory comparison
    (5th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity, ENVIRA2019 2019)
  • Localization of radioactivity in dried shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes)
    (5th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity, ENVIRA2019 2019)
  • Validation of measurement comparability for 134Cs and 137Cs in brown rice sample using interlaboratory comparison
    (5th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity, ENVIRA2019 2019)
  • Utilization of neutron activation analysis as primary ratio method in Chemical Metrology at NMIJ
  • Preparation, Certification, Distribution, and Contribution of Certified Reference Materials of Fish Bone and Meat for Determination of Strontium-90 and Radiocesium after FDNPP
    (Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry, MARC XI 2018)
Professional career (1):
  • (Gunma University)
Work history (4):
  • 2019/04 - 現在 AIST
  • 2015/04 - 2019/03 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • 2011/01 - 2015/03 産業技術総合研究所
  • 2003/04 - 2010/12 産業技術総合研究所
Association Membership(s) (1):
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