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Kawabe Midori

カワベ ミドリ | Kawabe Midori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Environmental policy and society ,  Environmental impact assessment ,  Environmental dynamics
Research keywords  (5): Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) ,  Participatort Action Resaerch ,  Social Learning ,  Ocean resource and environment management ,  Coastal Zone Management
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 市民の環境管理参加に関する研究
  • 沿岸環境管理に関する研究
  • Study on citizens' involvement in environmental management
  • Study on coastal environmental management
Papers (3):
  • Midori Kawabe, Hiroshi Kohno, Reiko Ikeda, Takashi Ishimaru, Osamu Baba, Naho Horimoto, Jota Kanda, Masaji Matsuyam, Minlee Yap. Developing partnerships with the community for coastal ESD. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. 2013. 14. 2. 122-132
  • Stephen Fletcher, Midori Kawabe, Sonja Rewhorn. Wetland conservation and sustainable coastal governance in Japan and England. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN. 2011. 62. 5. 956-962
  • Midori Kawabe, Hiroshi Kohno, Takashi Ishimaru, Osamu Baba, Naho Horimoto, Reiko Ikeda, Jota Kanda, Takafumi Kudo, Masaji Matsuyama, Masato Moteki, et al. Education for sustainable development for Tokyo Bay: Developing a practice framework of university-based coastal ESD. Marine Policy. 2009. 33. 4. 720-725
MISC (8):
Professional career (2):
  • (BLANK) (Tokyo University of Fisheries)
  • (BLANK) (The University of Tokyo)
Awards (1):
  • 1993 - 第2回21世紀地球賞-地環環境論文コンペティション<生活提案部門>日本経済新聞社賞
Association Membership(s) (4):
The coastal Society ,  国際漁業学会 ,  地域漁業学会 ,  日本沿岸域学会
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