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Okura Yujiro

オオクラ ユウジロウ | Okura Yujiro
Research field  (1): Accounting
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Group management and Corporate evalution Accounting
  • A Study of consolidated tax
  • effectivenes of consolidated financial statements in Japan
MISC (57):
  • A Study on the relationship of accounting with taxation in merger ,etc-Using recent cases as reference topics-. Faculty of Commerce Kansai University: Kansai University Review Of Business and Commerce. 2006. No8,pp.23-53
  • Study based on a consolidated tax adoption survey of companies listed on the tokyo stock exchange. Faculty of commerce Kansai University. 2005. No.7,23-39page
  • CSR & Internal Controll. 2005
  • A Study Cash Flow and Evalution -Analysis of 24 SEC Standards Companies-. Faculty of Commerce Kansai University. 2003. No.5, PP33-45
  • A Study of Research Report about Tendency of Corredpuncling to Consolidated tax System in Japan. 2003
Books (25):
  • Accounting Sterategy & Management Reform
  • New Corporate Law & Accounting in Japan
  • Tax Accounting theory -3th-
  • Ensyclopedia of Business Analysis
  • Strategic Accouting
    Zeimu Keiri Kixyoukai INC 2005
Works (6):
  • A Study of Industry in Oita Prefecture
    2006 -
  • Study of the present situation & direction about segment information
    2002 -
  • Cushflow and corporate value
    2002 -
  • A Study of the Information Network in a Local Society-The Case of Oita Prefecture-
    2001 -
  • A Study of Venture Business in Oita Prefecture
    1999 -
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Commerce (Kansai University)
Work history (5):
  • Kansai University
  • Oita University
  • Faculty of Commerce Kansai University,professor
  • Faculty of Economics Oita University,professor
  • Kansai University Faculty of Commerce, Department of Commerce professor
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