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Takeuchi Satoshi

タケウチ サトシ | Takeuchi Satoshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Part-time Lecturer
Research field  (3): Psychiatry ,  Clinical pharmacy ,  Physiology
Research keywords  (5): MAC ,  Event Related Potential ,  Phencyclidine ,  Breast Cancer ,  QOL
Papers (8):
  • S Takeuchi, E Jodo, Y Suzuki, T Matsuki, KY Hoshino, S Niwa, Y Kayama. ERP development in the rat in the course of learning two-tone discrimination task. NEUROREPORT. 2000. 11. 2. 333-336
  • S Takeuchi, E Jodo, Y Suzuki, T Matsuki, S Niwa, Y Kayama. Effects of repeated administration of methamphetamine on P3-like potentials in rats. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY. 1999. 32. 3. 183-192
  • Event-related potentials in a case of ogenesis of the corpus callosum. Clinical Electroencephalography. 1998. 40. 474-477
  • The psychophysiological indices of negative symptoms in schizophrenia. 1996. 25. 147-162
  • S Takeuchi, E Jodo, Y Suzuki, T Matsuki, Y Kayama, S Niwa. Chronic administration of methamphetamine reduced P3-like potentials in rats. RECENT ADVANCES IN EVENT-RELATED BRAIN POTENTIAL RESEARCH. 1996. 1099. 355-359
Professional career (1):
  • 医学博士 (その他の授与機関)
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