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Hayashidera Shoshun

ハヤシデラ ショウシュン | Hayashidera Shoshun
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (2): Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist ,  Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist
Research keywords  (3): Buddhist Studies ,  Old Japanese Manuscripts of Buddhist Texts ,  Indian Buddhism
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2007 - 2010 A Research on the Manuscript Version of Chinese Translation of Buddhist Scriptures Different from their Printed Versions: the Wuwang jing and the Puxian pusa xing yuan zan
Papers (19):
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. The Characteristics of the Tmpyō Manuscript of the Za ahan jing in the Hōdō-ji Collection: A Textual Analysis. Tenpyō Manuscript, Hōdō-ji Collection Za ahan jing, Scroll XXXVI (Bibliotheca Codicologica Nipponica X). 2019. 93-103
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. A Basic Study of the San fa du lun 三法度論: Vasubhadra's Sutras and Their Synopsis. Hokkaido Journal of Indian Philosophy and Buddhism. 2016. 3. 105-134
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. The Composition of the "Old Japanese Manuscript (nihon ko shahon)" Version of the San fa du lun: The Compilation of the San fa du jing ben and its Motivation (in Japanese). The Journal of East Asian Buddhist Studies. 2015. 13. 119-133
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. “A Hitherto Unknown Version of the San fa du lun 三法度論 in Old Japanese Manuscript Collection: Potencial and Problemsˮ(in English). Journal of Graduate School of Letters. 2015. 10. 1-11
  • Shoshun HAYASHIDERA. "How the San fa du jing lun Interprets Doctrines" (in Japanese). The Journal of the Nippon Buddhist Research Association. 2014. 79. 49-66
MISC (5):
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. Report on the Panel Presentation in the 16th Congress of the IABS. ITOKURA. 2011. 7. 14
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. On the Use of the Old Japanese Manuscripts Database at the College Library. ITOKURA. 2010. 6. 9-10
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. Construction of the Old Japanese Manuscripts Database. ITOKURA. 2009. 5. 15-16
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. Review of "三宝絵本生潭の原型と展開" by Fumi Nakamura. 2009. 7. 251-260
  • Shoshun Hayashidera. Review of "A Study of Merit Transference with Reference to Pali Peta Stories" by Akira Fujimoto. Hokkaido Journal of Indological and Buddhist Studies. 2006. 21. 379-380
Books (1):
  • Encyclopedia of Theravada Buddhism
    Mekong 2016 ISBN:4839602999
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • The Compilation of the Wukuzhangju-jing 五苦章句經 (T.741): A Comparative Study of the Newly Found Old Japanese Manuscript Version and the Wood-block Printed Version
    (International Conference “Evolution of Scriptures, Formation of Canons” (at Tokyo Campus of the University of Tsukuba) 2018)
  • A Comparative Textual Study of the so-called "the May 1st Canon" and "the May 11th Canon" Copied by the Order of Empress Kōmyō 光明 (presented in Japanese)
    (International Workshop "Old Manuscripts of Buddhist Scriptures and Wood-block Printed Buddhist Canons" (at International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies) 2017)
  • The Pudgala in Buddhist Literature
    (International Conference: Self Between Consciousness and Non-being (at Hokkaido University) 2017)
  • Construction of a Database for Old Japanese Buddhist Manuscripts
    (International Symposium hosted by the SAT Daizokyo Digital Database Project “Humanities Studies in the Digital Age and the Role of Buddhist Studies” (at University of Tokyo) 2013)
  • "The Newly Found Text of the Puxian pusa xing yuan zan普賢菩薩行願讃 in the Kongō-ji Manuscript Collection"
    (the XVIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (at Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Taiwan) 2011)
Education (1):
  • - 1994 Hokkaido University Faculty of Letters
Professional career (1):
  • Ph. D. (Hokkaido University)
Work history (5):
  • 2012/04 - 現在 Hokkaido University
  • 2011/04 - 2012/03 International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies
  • 2010/04 - 2011/03 International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies
  • 2005/08 - 2010/03 International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies
  • 1999/04 - 2000/09 Hokkaido University
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