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Furutsuka Hideo

フルツカ ヒデオ | Furutsuka Hideo
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (4): Agricultural sociology ,  Agricultural and food economics ,  Accounting ,  Business administration
Research keywords  (3): Business Administration ,  Accounting ,  Agricultual Economics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • Study on Influence of International Accounting up on Agricultural Accounting of Japan
  • Study on Farm Village Activation by Green Tourism
  • Study on Promotion of Agriculture in Semimountainous Area by Introduction of Mushroom Farming
  • Study on Methods of Agricultural Cost Accounting
MISC (20):
  • The marketing Strategy of Japanese Dry Shiitake mushroom in International Competition : a case Study of Tottori Prefecture. The Japanese Agricultural Systems Society. 2000. 16. 1. 17-26
  • A Trend and a Regional Disparity of Demand for Welsh Onions in Japan. Journal of Rural Problem. 1999. 33. 4. 1-10
  • The Economic Effects of Green Tourism on Regional Farmers by Money-Flow Analysis -A Case Stydy of Bammboo Thickets Park in Tottori Prefecture-. 1999. 7. 35-39
  • A Time Series Analysis on the Agricultural Products Using Neural networks. Japanese Journal of Farm Management. 1998. 36. 1. 67-70
  • On the Trend Effect of Elastcities in Simultaneous Equation Systems -Estimation of the Modified Erponential Curve-. Japanese Journal of Farm Management. 1998. 36. 1. 153-158
Books (4):
  • The modern Evaluation of the Book-keeping for Farm Household Economy
  • management Index of Fresh Shiitake mushroom Farming
  • The Present Situations and managenal Problems of Shiitake mashroom Farming
  • Management of Shiitake Mushroom Farming
Works (4):
  • Comparative Analysis of Green Tourism by traditional Culture in Japan and China
    2000 - 2001
  • Study on Forecast Plan and Strategy about agriculture of semi moutarnous Area in the Structure Reform Term.
    1998 - 2000
  • Study on the Area Activation by a Farm Village's Associating with a City
    1997 - 1999
  • Possibility and Conditions of Mushroom Farming in Semimountainous Area of Chugoku Region
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK) (Kyoto University)
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