J-GLOBAL ID:200904000968684441  Research Project code:9800025838 Update date:Jul. 06, 1995

Development of basic technology for the creation of intelligent materials using cooperative action of atoms and molecules (1) Creation method of artificial blood with recombinant heme protein

原子・分子の協調作用を用いたインテリジェント材料創製のための基盤技術開発 3.ヘム蛋白を用いたインテリジェント材料 (1)組替えヘム蛋白を用いて人工血液を創製する手法
Study period:1992 - 1994
Keywords (7):
magnetism ,  magnetic ,  nuclear ,  functional ,  recombinant ,  hemoprotein ,  blood
Research program: SCF Comprehensive Joint Research (General Research)
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Research budget: 1994: \4,370,000

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