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Judgment on the effects of diagnosis by transplantational immunology and immunological therapy for repetitive abortion in ART pregnancy

Study period:2004 - 2007
Research overview:
Anomalies of fetus such as abnormal chromosomes are deemed to account for 60-70% of abortion. However, lack of normal function of immune maintenance mechanism in pregnancy has been conjectured to account for repetitive abortion or habitual abortion, in which repeated abortions are caused by unidentified causes. Such a phenomenon is believed to occur in the forms of repeated failures of nidationn disorder or repeated abortion when externally fertilized embryos are transplanted as a medical service technology to assist reproduction. Immunity therapy with lymphocytes of husband (immunity therapy, hereafter) is the only therapy available for this at present. However, there has been no agreement about its effect and no certain criteria for the judgment of the effect of the therapy. The objectives of this study are the re-examination of the effect of immunity therapy in the medical service technology to assist reproduction and the establishment of certain criteria for diagnosis and the judgment of therapeutic effect.
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