J-GLOBAL ID:200904002195826732  Research Project code:9800005876 Update date:Feb. 07, 2004

Crystal growth and lattice defect control of AgGaS2 compound semiconductor

Study period:1987 - 1997
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Research overview:
A direct transition type compound semiconductor AgGaS2 withthe chalcopyrite structure (band gap for A-valence band:2.73eV) is expected as to be one of the candidate materials fora blue emitting diode. The purpose of the present study is to grow high-quality large single crystals and to evaluate the lattice defects of the crystals by measuring photoluminescence and photoconductivity.
Keywords (10):
compound ,  silver ,  gallium ,  crystal ,  lattice ,  light ,  single ,  photoelectric ,  sulfide(chalcogenide) ,  band
Research program: Grants and Funding
Research budget: 1997: \50,000

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