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Study on transformation of telephone calling behavior to face-to-face communication Development of telephone calling behavior from the point of network services and terminal functions

電話通話行動の対面コミュニケーション化に関する研究 ネットワーク・サービス及び端末付加機能からみた電話通話行動の発展
Study period:1993 - 1993
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Research overview:
This report is aimed to investigate a direction of telephone system from a viewpoint of face-to-face communication. Chapter I analyzes a model of telephone calling behavior, which is consisted of five phases. Chapter 2 and 3 review the telephone network services and the additional fuctions of telephone sets in Japan. Chapter 4 shows that the transformation to face-to-face communication is psychological phenomenon. Though physical distance was disolved when the telephone system was invented,it took long time to disolve psychological distance.
Keywords (5):
telephone ,  communication ,  information ,  communication ,  telephone
Research program: Ordinary Research
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