J-GLOBAL ID:200904002829463964  Research Project code:9800012447 Update date:Mar. 03, 2006

Production of sire bull utilizing analysis of formation factors of dressed carcass market and field progeny test

Study period:1991 - 1995
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Research overview:
By 1) entering analytical subjects and factors of Japanese Black Commercial Cattle shipped from the prefecture in PC and 2) installing ear tag to every calf produced in the prefecture, we transcribe bloodline, calf market record etc. from the calf market data based thereon in this farm and conduct survey of bloodline of mother cow and the like. We survey mother cows that calved more than two commercial cattle with excellent record in the dressed carcass market based on data collected with the above method, and produce candidates of stud bulls by crossing excellent stud bulls with these. In parallel with this, we evaluate stud bulls and mother cows by using the least-square dispersion analysis and the best linear unbiased prediction quantity.
Keywords (13):
beef ,  animal ,  breeding ,  dressed ,  market ,  reproductive ,  combining ,  mating ,  cattle ,  fattening ,  data ,  Oita ,  statistical
Research program: Ordinary Research

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