J-GLOBAL ID:200904003726429250  Research Project code:0350012898 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

Development of environment-conscious direct printing system using xerographic process (No.2): Study of superfine printing technique using wet toner dyes

静電電子写真方式による環境調和型 ダイレクト・プリント・システムの開発(第2報)-湿式トナー化染料を用いた高精細プリント技術の研究-
Study period:2003 - 0
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Research overview:
This novel printing system by xerography is based on the technique of forming digital image (latent image) on a photosensitive drum by xerographic process, followed by adhesion of dye (liquid) toner on the charged portion, which image (positive image) is then transferred on textile. This system allows very fast printing since the image is printed on the textile by rotating motion, is free from head clogging seen in inkjet process, and has the possibility of use of marketed cheap dyes. Since thus the processing cost and loss ratio are suppressed to a large extent, it is expected as a system permitting very fine expression of high grade, high quality, and novel design. In this study, we prepared printing dye toners of 4 primary color system using marketed dyes, and studied transferring conditions including bias voltage for various textiles (cotton, silk, and polyester) and also the relationship between properties of dye toner of each color and dyeability.
Keywords (4):
dye toner ,  electrostatic printing ,  environment-consciousness ,  digital print
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  • 京都高度技術研究所
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  • KITAO Yoshitaka
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