J-GLOBAL ID:200904004196016869  Research Project code:9910000522 Update date:Mar. 30, 2001

Cellular differentiation of digestive cancers: Analysis of cellular dynamics of metaplastic separate ducts in intestinal epithelium using organ culture methods

ヒト消化器癌の細胞分化 器官培養法を用いた腸上皮化生分離腺管の細胞動態の解析
Study period:1997 - 1999
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Metaplastic separate ducts in intestinal epithelium has been reported to de divided into a gastro-intestine mixed type (GI) and an intestine alone type (I) by analysis from the points of cellular differentiation. This time, for the purpose of searching cellular dynamics of metaplastic ducts, labeling of growing cells and duct separation methods were combined under organ cultures to discuss significance of metaplasia. Surgically exsected fresh materials were obtained, and their pyloric mucosa was removed. RPMI1640 media supplemented BrdU were added, and addition of oxygen pressurized at two barometric pressure. Mucosa was cultured at 37°C for one hour. After then, fixed smear specimens were made, and immune-stained with anti-BrdU monoclonal antibodies. The specimens were simultaneously double-stained with differentiation markers. The specimens were located at the boundary of pit and pyloric ducts in a pyloric duct-remaining type of GI, and at duct bottom in pyloric duct-losing type of GI. This method enabled o identify dividing cells. Localization of dividing cells was taken at three- dimensional structures, and abnormality and differences were demonstrated in GI and I type.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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