J-GLOBAL ID:200904005340804717  Research Project code:0350011986 Update date:Feb. 10, 2003

Yearly changes in water quality, temperature and volume of hot springs in Gunma

Study period:1998 - 2001
Research overview:
The project of surveillance for protection, control and promotion of the main hot springs in this prefecture aims to protect and promote suitable use of them in future through surveillance of the change in temperature, amount and chemical composition in self-gushing hot springs having no human interactions. This study started from 1988 and has reported about the yearly change summarized from monthly survey. Based on the results of the yearly change results the frequency of survey is changed as twice a year from 1998 in order to study yearly change of each spring source. This paper reports a summary of surveillance up to 2000. The six objective source springs are shown in Fig.1 and status of them is summarized in Table 1.

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