J-GLOBAL ID:200904006100437276  Research Project code:9800011991 Update date:Dec. 10, 2004

Machining techniques for wood series composite materials

Study period:1991 - 1993
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Research overview:
A physical test is run on the NC cutting of wood and compound wood materials for processing precision (quality of cut surface, tool wearing, measurement of cutting force, establishment of proper cutting conditions). Materials used are melamine resin board, particle board, MDF, light metal (aluminum) FRC, GRC, and the like; cutting tools used are cemented carbide tool, diamond tool, and cermet tool.
Keywords (13):
particle ,  fiberboard ,  aluminum ,  melamine ,  composite ,  tool ,  cutting ,  wood ,  diamond ,  cermet ,  machining ,  surface ,  wood
Project Organization (1):
  • (E446000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1992: \0

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