J-GLOBAL ID:200904006310999579  Research Project code:0350010379 Update date:Oct. 28, 2003

Search and introduction of genetic resources (abroad): Fruit tree

遺伝資源の探索・導入(海外) 果樹
Study period:2002 - 2002
Research overview:
In Hokkaido, various kinds of fruit trees such as apple, grape, cherries, Lonicera caenulea, or blueberry are cultivated as the northernmost production area of fruit trees using cold weather in summer time. As a serious problem on the cultivation of fruit tree in Hokkaido, generation of cold damage is counted. Even apple, which is rather resistant against cold weather, suffered a serious damage of not only cold damage of buds but death of trees itself as shown in 1998. With cherries, and grape, which are less cold resistant than apple generation of cold damage causes unstable production. Hokkaido Central Agricultural Experiment Station has so far performed breeding of varieties of apple, grape, cherries, Lonicera caenulea, by selecting cold resistance as an important property but the varieties owned now are insufficient for further improvement of cold resistance so that collection of new genetic resources as crossing mother plant is necessary. In East Europe where weather in winter is like in Hokkaido, since many kinds of fruit tree are planted and breeding of varieties are actively performed such as apple and small fruit trees in Poland, and grape in Hungary, kind of varieties with higher cold resistance is thought to exist including conventional species. Based on the above, the genetic resources of apple, cherries, grape and small fruit trees having strong cold resistance are collected from East Europe. (Hokkaido Central Agricultural Experiment Station)

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