J-GLOBAL ID:200904007171530605  Research Project code:9911003562 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Researches on the development of fisheries resources management of the commercially valuable flat-fish, distributed along the Northen Pacific Ocean, Aomori Prefecture

資源管理型漁業推進総合対策事業調査(第2期) 太平洋北部ブロック広域管理資源・マコガレイ 青森県太平洋海域における有用カレイ類の資源管理研究
Study period:1996 - 2000
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (1):
Research overview:
To establish the advisable regulation for the fisheries resources for the flat-fish, the following researches would be carried out. 1) Calculating the value of the following biological characteristics, maturity year by sex, year-growth expression by sex,
Keywords (6):
Pleuronectidae ,  aquatic ,  growth ,  ecology(science) ,  coastal ,  fish
Research program: Ordinary Research

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