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Development of a tailor-made cell therapy to creat the regionally oriented bio-medical business

Study period:2002 - 2004
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Research overview:
This research and development project is planed to create the regionally oriented bio-medical business by developing a new tailor-made cell therapy, which is applicable to individual patient with different genetic background. In the field of cancer, top cause of Japanese people's death, and intractable autoimmune disease etc, "cell therapy" is focused on as a novel therapy in 21st century because it is carried out by cell transfer of patient's own effector cells and has low risk of side effect. To develop a novel cell-processing methods useful for a tailor-made cell therapy applicable to clinical trial, we will perform our project utilizing the concept and technology such as "Antigen-specific human T cell and its induction method" established by Dr. Takashi Nishimura, who is a pioneer of the role of immune balance in tumor-immunology and has proposed that Th1 cell is useful for the cancer cell therapy. We will also try to develop a new therapeutic method using multipotential bone marrow stem useful for the treatment of leukemia and autoimmune disease. Furthermore, we will do research and develop concerning a novel methods for a cell separation, a cell processing and a dosage to develop a bio-product such as an immunoregulatory medicine for a cell-processing, a regent for cell-separation and a antibody medicine. This research and development project is mainly consisted of researchers of Hokkaido University and Sapporo Medical University and carried out as a collaborative project between Hokkaido University Medical Hospital, several private hospitals in Sapporo and companies in Japan. In addition to develop a new cell therapy system, this project will contribute to promote establishment of a venture company business launched by university which mainly deal with cell-processing. We believe that accomplishment of this project also contribute to create regionally oriented bio-medical business which promote the activation of a local industry.
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bio-medical ,  tailor-made ,  cell therapy ,  immunology ,  cancer
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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
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New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
Research budget: 2004: \31,134,000

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