J-GLOBAL ID:200904007804652721  Research Project code:0550027662 Update date:Nov. 30, 2004

Promotion and verification test of 'Eco Chiba agriculture' : (8) Verification test of the tunnel cultivation of watermelon at the center

「ちばエコ農業」推進実証試験 (8)トンネルスイカ栽培場内実証試験
Study period:2004 - 2004
Research overview:
A verification test by combined use of various technologies is performed in accordance with the certification criteria (use of chemically synthesized agricultural pesticides less than 13 times, the amount of nitrogen in chemical fertilizers used less than 12.5 kg/10 a, and the amount of manure targeted at 1.5 t/10a) of Chiba eco agriculture for the tunnel cultivation of watermelon to compare growth, yield, and pest occurrence with those of the conventional practice and to contribute to the promotion of this project.
Keywords (4):
reduced agricultural pesticide ,  reduced chemical fertilizer ,  watermelon ,  Chiba eco agriculture
Project name: Development and research project of agricultural and forestry technologies for environmental conservation
Project Organization (1):
  • Chiba Prefectural Agriculture Research Center
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • ONO Toshimichi
Research program: Ordinary Research

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