J-GLOBAL ID:200904008889481420  Research Project code:6000001773 Update date:Feb. 18, 2008

Relationship between Cancer Development and Genetic Polymorphisms among A-bomb Survivors, Focusing on Immune-related Genes

Study period:2004 - 0
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Research field (1): Public hygiene studies/health science
Research overview:
The purpose of this study is to identify individuals at high risk of cancer based on polymorphisms of immune-related, inflammation-related, and other cancer-associated genes, and also to assess the effects of radiation exposure on cancer risks of individuals with different genetic backgrounds. In this study, we will perform various analyses by linking SNPs and haplotype data of immune-related genes, inflammation-related genes, and other cancer-associated genes with radiation exposure data, various immunological phenotype data, clinical data, and pathological data, which has not been possible in other studies. It is anticipated that groups with immunogenetically high risk of cancer will be newly identified in this study, since the perspective is different from the conventional view of chemical carcinogenesis.
Keywords (6):
genome ,  radiation ,  immunity ,  inflammation ,  cancer ,  molecular epidemiology
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  • 林 奉権
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