J-GLOBAL ID:200904010956028803  Research Project code:0450021040 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Studies in nuclear medicine: Cerebral circulation and metabolism in acute intracerebral hemorrahage

核医学における研究 高血圧性脳出血急性期の脳循環代謝に関する研究
Study period:2002 - 0
Research overview:
Elucidation of circular disturbance around hematoma accompanied with acute phase hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage was carried out. Hatasawa et al. performed PET determination within 28 hours after the onset of unilateral putamen hemorrhage in 8 cases and determined cerebral blood flow volume, cerebral blood volume, cerebral oxygen uptake rate and cerebral oxygen consumption volume. The results showed disappearance of automatic regulatory function of cerebral blood flow in striate artery perfusion area in acute phase of putamen hemorrhage. The disappearance resulted in systemic circulation blood pressure dependent cerebral circulation without showing misery perfusion that may cause cerebral infarction around hematoma.

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