J-GLOBAL ID:200904011213762088  Research Project code:0250000358 Update date:Jan. 07, 2005

Development of environment-friendly, low-noise paving technology

Study period:2001 - 2004
Research overview:
To solve the problem of pavement with drainage that snow accumulates instantly and it gets freezing quickly, some trials have been conducted. Observation of the tested road surface when snowing and measured surface temperature when snowing of the pavement sample, were studied for the half-permeable pavement of drainage which has large capacity of heat, where fry ash (moisture holder including cement milk (water retaining material) mixed with coal powder) is inserted into the below-half vacancy, indicating that it is effective considerably to control the temperature down. It has been found that the half-permeable surface of the pavement is good in draining capability and the noise when cars are running is as low as for the pavement of drainage.
Keywords (5):
pavement of low noise ,  pavement of drainage ,  pavement of holding moisture ,  half-permeability ,  heat capacity
Project Organization (1):
  • (E244000000)
Research program: 0113 (Japanese Only)
Research budget: 2004: \1,100,000

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