J-GLOBAL ID:200904011419505537  Research Project code:0350010478 Update date:Oct. 27, 2004

System of best timing to harvest wheat for improving quality appropriate for a large scale of harvesting and arrangement: Prediction of irregularity by the use of GIS for the rate of protein contain of wheat depending on soil conditions

大規模収穫・調製に適した品質向上のための小麦適期収穫システム GISを活用した土壌条件による小麦の蛋白含有率のバラツキの予測
Study period:2002 - 2004
Research overview:
Wheat sown in autumn in the converted field in central regions of Hokkaido has a large variation of growth depending on soil and cultivation, which is irregular in the rate of protein contain and is an obstacle to give a stable production of uniform wheat. There is a doubt that accuracy might not be good in estimating the rate of protein contain through remote sensing approach. This research is to study the irregular rate of protein contain, through examining growth variation in the regions with use of GIS information (soil environment and cultivation conditions) and remote sensing by satellite as well as developing the sophisticated estimation method for the rate of protein contain. (Hokkaido Central Agricultural Experiment Station)
Keywords (3):
autumn-sown wheat ,  protein fluctuations ,  remote sensing
Project Organization (1):
  • (E005000000)
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