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Earthquake telemetering system using a communication satellite

Study period:1998 - 0
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Research overview:
A large-scsle earthquake observatio system using a communication satellite was developped in 1996 by Japanese universities. Earthquake Research Institute has been playing a central part in the project. The system enables rapid deployment, mobility, and independence of suface communication network, which are all necessary for earthquake observation studies. The system consists of 200 transmitters as observation stations, 25 receiver/ transmitters as research facilities, and main and back up relay stations. Continuous seismic waveform data are sent from observation sites all over Japan to a relay station, where all the data streams are put together into a single data stream and sent again, or broadcast, to the reserach facilities. As a result, researchers everywhere can receive and use real-time waveform data from any observation site nationwide.
Keywords (10):
seismographic network ,  earthquake prediction ,  micro-earthquake observation ,  stationary satellite ,  seismic waveform data ,  2 hop system ,  real time ,  joint use ,  observation ,  data distribution system
Research program: Ordinary Research

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