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Evaluating study of effectiveness of air purifier against indoor air pollutants

Study period:2001 - 2001
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In recent years, such buildings as houses and offices are using new building materials to a large extent, which has led to intensified air-tightness, for purposes of reduction of construction cost and energy saving. Problems accompanying these, however, have been appearing. New building materials discharge volatile organic compounds (VOC) including formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene into living spaces, causing such health damages as sick house syndrome. In addition, when combusting apparatuses are used in highly airtight space, concentrations of CO, CO2, NOx, and SOx considerably rise and this may induce health damage. Beside these, living space houses various polluting substances including radon, asbestos, house dusts, cigarette smoke, bacteria, fungi, and pollens and thus the issue of indoor air pollution has come to be more and more serious. Even the effect of ventilation cannot be expected in the nighttime, in areas close to plants, or along main line roads. Having these problems in background, air purifiers equipped with function to decompose volatile organic compounds and gaseous pollutants including NOx have recently appeared in market. The number of air purifiers shipped by makers joining The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association has shown rapid increase within these 5 years, reaching the market scale of around a million since 1996. At the same time, number of consultation on air purification has been increasing, many of these being related to hypersensitivity to chemical substances, sick house syndrome, and countermeasure against formaldehyde. Thus, study evaluates performance of currently marketed air purifiers to understand their treating performance of indoor pollutants, and clarifies problems to be solved, and investigates currently most effective means for reduction of indoor air pollution issues. Study also attempts publicizing information for selection of products, and offers proposal for even improved performance.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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