J-GLOBAL ID:200904011904823407  Research Project code:0250005720 Update date:Nov. 26, 2001

Studies and developments of tradition system in manufacturing skill: Fabrication of porous metal bonded wheels

ものづくりにおける技能の継承システムに関する研究開発 多孔質砥石の製作に関する研究
Study period:2000 - 2000
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Research overview:
To solve loading of grinding wheels, a porous metal-bonded diamond wheel allowing ground chips to invade the porous base material was fabricated. Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-C type samples were prepared by the plasma discharge sintering method feasible in a short time, and the open porosity and Brinell hardness of the samples were measured. The sample formed by sintering Fe-2Cu-2C at 1273K showed a Brinell hardness of 220, exceeding the hardness of current materials. A graphite type sample having a wheel-like shape and a devised current-carrying passage was fabricated and sintered to obtain a wheel provided with a spindle.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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