J-GLOBAL ID:200904012012073116  Research Project code:9800010232 Update date:Jul. 06, 1993

Fundamental study on analysis of information transfer system in brain using positron emission CT

Study period:1990 - 1992
Research overview:
It is important to study the time-series movement and interaction of the substances which are the structural elements of various kinds concerned in information processing, in vivo. A study is made on measurement of movements of neurotransmitter, neuroregulator and recepter activity in vivo with priority given to the information transfer by synapse by the positron emission CT (PET). Besides, the study is made for clarifying the dynamics of information transfer and searching the relation of their movements with the higher-order functions of brain from the viewpoint of the energy metabolism
Keywords (8):
brain ,  PET(tomography) ,  neural ,  synapse ,  neurotransmitter ,  neurohormone ,  chemoreceptor ,  energy
Research program: SCF Comprehensive Joint Research (General Research)
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Organization with control over the research:
Research budget: 1992: \34,276,000

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