J-GLOBAL ID:200904012168190449  Research Project code:9800025422 Update date:Feb. 06, 2006

Breeding of lipase highly producing isolate of koji-mold

バイオテクノロジーの実用化 麹菌リパーゼ高変異株の育種
Study period:1991 - 1999
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (1):
Research overview:
Cloning of cDNA of triglyceridolipase is performed and expression in Bacillus coli or koji-mold is performed using it. Addition test to Miso using its raw enzyme solution of recombinant is performed to improve flavor of miso or enhance functional component. Similar test is performed on kutinase or diglyceridolipase.
Keywords (7):
koji-mold ,  lipase ,  breeding(genetics) ,  flavor ,  enzyme ,  cDNA ,  fermented
Research program: Ordinary Research

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