J-GLOBAL ID:200904012524884523  Research Project code:0350016214 Update date:Oct. 15, 2004

Mechanical Stiffness Control of Robot Joints

Study period:2000 - 0
Research overview:
A mechanical system essentially equivalent to the joint-driving method of humans, who possess an antagonistic structure, is constructed and a robot actuator that can be mechanically regulated in knee angle and rigidity is developed. In concrete terms, a manipulator with this knee-driving mechanism and human-type redundancy and a robot with two legs are developed. Because this robot possesses a system equivalent to the knee-driving method of humans, it can move in a manner close to that of humans with low energy consumption.
Keywords (3):
人間型ロボット ,  剛性可変 ,  冗長自由度
Project Organization (1):
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