J-GLOBAL ID:200904012573277292  Research Project code:9910000708 Update date:Sep. 13, 2004

Evaluation of microorganisn activity in clayey soil of vegetable field and creation of soilmanagement technology oriented maintenace and enhancement of micro-organism activities (Establishment of environment load reduction soil management technology using microorganism)

Study period:1998 - 2003
Research overview:
In recent years, cultivation of vegetables came to be made in fields of lowland and heavy clay as a result of conversion from paddy field. Such fields generally have a dense and hard soil, and are poorly drained. For that reason, they present a problem of growth disorder resulting from physical properties of the soil such as (1) poor germination, (2) hindered root elongation, (3) hindered growth due to overwet or overdry soil condition, etc. Moreover, it is also observed that, in such fields, the effects of application of organic substances are less conspicuous generally, and low organic matter decomposing activity (activity of microorganism) of the soil is suspected as cause of this specific problem. To cope with such situation, local farmers tend to increase the volume of application of chemical fertilizers, and this poses a problem also from the viewpoint of environmental protection. Under such circumstances, we will work out soil control guidelines which can be promoted through daily farming activities such as plowing control, organic substance control, etc., by using soil microbe activity, etc. as indicators, for the purpose of promoting mineralization of organic substances applied and achieving stable improvement of production.
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