J-GLOBAL ID:200904013228269348  Research Project code:0450021898 Update date:Feb. 14, 2006

Selection of adaptable kind of original vegetables produced in the district and verification of cultivation method

Study period:2001 - 2006
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Research overview:
Both of the planted acreage and production amount of vegetables in the Amakusa district have been decreasing these years due to lack of labor and aging of farmers. Actually, lots of paddy fields are discarded without cultivation. In such a situation, lettuces, okra, kidney beans, minitomatoes and strawberries are still cultivated as main products. However, there are not so many items harvested in summertime that production amount of vegetables decreases in the season. Selection of cultivars capable to be harvested in summer has been desired. Therefore, we investigate excellent kinds of vegetables adaptable to the summer season in the Amakusa district. Parallel to this, we establish a system of planting vegetables in autumn to winter seasons to improve utilization efficiency of paddy fields, since most of them are not utilized after cropping of early-ripened paddy rice plants.
Keywords (4):
summer vegetable ,  winter vegetable ,  effective utilization of a field ,  cultivation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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