J-GLOBAL ID:200904013276445492  Research Project code:0350011008 Update date:Jan. 26, 2005

Development of data grove for design CAD that materialize real feeling

Study period:2002 - 2004
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Research overview:
Entering for computers has so far been conducted mainly through keyboard, mouse etc., and it is now in the state that entering device oriented to man-machine interface having virtual sense somesthesible touch of material when using CAD or CG has not yet been commercialized. In such circumstances, IT shift and CG introduction have been driven also in indigenous industrial circles requiring design, but poor usability of hardware and software has become controversial. For instance, such an entering device is being demanded that the designer can recognize delicate sensation like comfort to sit on seat face of a chair by means of design CAD for industrial design. It is thus expected to enable to utilize database of strength data, touch feeling, pressure sense and the like of material so far accumulated more efficiently, and to display its greatest force in the field of industrial design by developing such entering device. Thus we develop a small and lightweight man-machine interface device of data grove type utilizing ERF (Electro-Rheological Fluid, liquid with viscosity variable with voltage). We propose such a system that can realize touch feeling by means of material when using CAD for industrial design to aim at diffusion to industries within the prefecture.
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