J-GLOBAL ID:200904013300863284  Research Project code:0350011909 Update date:Dec. 03, 2002

Study of QCD matter at ultra-high temperature

Study period:1993 - 0
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research overview:
International collaborative studies are performed on the QCD matter at ultra-high temperature, which is realized with the high-energy heavy-ion collisions at the RHIC colliding-beam accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory of USA.
Keywords (5):
QCD matter ,  heavy-ion collision ,  quark gluon plasma ,  phase transition ,  early universe
Project name: US-Japan collaboration in science and technology (high energy physics)
Project Organization (1):
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • HAMAGAKI Hideki (spokesperson)
Research program: -
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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