J-GLOBAL ID:200904015163169521  Research Project code:9800016212 Update date:Dec. 18, 2002

Study on induced potential of mutagenic activities by disinfectants in water

飲料水の殺菌消毒 遺伝子突然変異誘起性の検討
Study period:1991 - 1999
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Research overview:
Formation of carcinogenic- and mutagenic substances by chlorine treatment for water purification is a serious issue, and safer and effective method of disinfection to substitute use of chlorine is being demanded. Therefore we assess safety of substituting disinfectants including ozone, chlorine dioxide, chloramine, and ultraviolet rays from viewpoint of mutagenicity to find out safer method of disinfecting treatment.
Keywords (11):
drinking water ,  cleaning(purification) ,  gene ,  mutation ,  mutagenesis ,  ozone ,  chlorine dioxde ,  chloramine ,  ultraviolet ray ,  safety ,  carcinogen
Research program: Ordinary Research

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